Do More with Your Coffee

Do More with Your Coffee

We’ve spent a great deal of time, over the past several weeks/months, examining the ways in which we want Whink’s to have an impact, not only on specialty coffee and our customers, but on the many causes and movements for a better tomorrow to which we, as people and as a company, are wholly committed.

Kayla and I have aways considered ourselves to be active, informed, and engaged citizens, and so building a company that echoed these same core principles was without question. We are singularly committed to fighting injustices, wherever they may lie, building a safer and healthier planet for future generations, building up communities that demand a voice, and educating ourselves and those around us to the ways in which we might fight for a brighter tomorrow.

We’ll accomplish this through sustainable business initiatives, supporting small businesses, promoting organizations and voices that need to be heard, and building a direct or near-direct supply chain that empowers farmers worldwide. We also want to take this time to commit ourselves, from the beginning, to monthly donations to select causes, local or otherwise, that align with our company values.

With that, I am happy to announce the Whink’s “Do More with Your Coffee” initiative. At the beginning of every month, we will donate 5% of our total monthly proceeds to a nonprofit organization. Each organization will be chosen by us, and we will do our best to select those for whom our donations will have the greatest impact. There are countless nonprofits across the nation which are fighting tirelessly to combat a litany of issues, and our hope is to play a role, however small, in their success. Our customers should know, when they support Whink’s coffee, they are supporting causes that matter (and some really, really good coffee).

If you have an organization in mind that you’d like to see us support, please feel free to contact us and let us know! A few causes that we feel particularly passionate about include: protection of our environment, preservation and expansion of national park lands, clean air/water initiatives, support of small businesses, movements for social justice, combating racism in all its forms, caring for our veterans, fighting poverty and hunger, and many, many more.

Thank you, as always, for your support.



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